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Internet in the car: premium class with weaknesses

Internet in the car
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N och The Internet service works best in the BMW, which is equipped with a built-in SIM card. However, not only is the entry of an Internet address very tedious, because web addresses have to be entered laboriously and lengthy letter by letter via the i-Drive controller. A website also takes a long time to load. The BMW needs more than two minutes to load the auto-motor-und-sport.de homepage via the EDGE transmission standard.

Insufficient internet connections

Audi allows you to use it with a separate second card on your own SIM card of UMTS and thus comparatively fast Internet. However, surfing on the Audi on-board monitor is not possible. This is only possible via WLAN on the mobile phone or laptop.
Mercedes only connects to the network via the driver's mobile phone. Accordingly, the E-Class loads the online offers optimized for smartphones, which can, however, be displayed more quickly than full Internet pages.

The data transfer via iPhone is currently still inadequate. It is true that calls and music playback via Bluetooth work extremely well in all three vehicles. However, data transfer for Internet use is not possible via iPhone. The reason: Apple does not offer what is known as the SIM Access Profile. At least Apple should work on a solution.


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