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International Paul Pietsch Award 2019 for Vodafone

International Paul Pietsch Award 2019
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S Vodafone is consistently developing the technology that networks self-driving cars like hardly any other network operator. Among other things, Vodafone opened a test laboratory in Düsseldorf in 2018, in which various companies and start-ups can already work together on 5G. The fastest cell phone network is of no use if antennas, transmitters or other components are not compatible or if the connection takes longer than absolutely necessary.

High-pressure charging at Porsche, affordable e-cars from e.GO

5G theoretically has a latency time of one millisecond, which humans no longer perceive as a delay. Together with map specialist Here, Vodafone is researching how high-resolution road maps for autonomous vehicles can be kept up-to-date in real time. Using data rates of ten gigabits per second, even extensive map content can be updated in a very short time via 5G.

Second place: Porsche is revolutionizing the charging of electric cars with 800 volt technology. Thanks to its 350 kW charging power, the Porsche Taycan 'refuels' a range of 100 kilometers in just three minutes, which significantly increases its suitability for everyday use. The long charging times are considered to be one of the main obstacles to the acceptance of the Stromer.

Third place: e.GO, which develops battery vehicles from 15,000 euros in Aachen, proves that electric cars can be affordable build.

The International Paul Pietsch Award 2019 was presented on Thursday, January 31, 2019, as part of the award ceremony 'Best Cars 2019' in the International Congress Center Stuttgart.


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