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International Paul Pietsch Award 2017 for Opel Ampera-e

Santa Fabio /Opel
International Paul Pietsch Award 2017
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Opel gets 41% of the votes for the victory

A he variable compression VC-T turbo engine from Infiniti /Nissan and the new OM 654/656 engine generation from Mercedes follow in second and third place.

With 41 percent of the votes cast Opel's long-haul Ampera-e takes the lead. Its 60 kWh battery enables ranges of up to 500 kilometers under ideal conditions, even in the strict WLTP cycle it is still 380 kilometers - so there is enough juice even for long weekend trips. The battery cells placed in the floor ensure a low center of gravity and a higher seating position. With a length of less than 4.20 meters, the Opel is manageable enough for the city, but thanks to 204 hp and 360 Nm torque, the driving pleasure is not neglected either.

The Infiniti /Nissan VC-T engine received 30 percent of the votes, the Mercedes engine generation OM 654 and 656 15 percent.

This year, 27 editors-in-chief from 21 countries put together a list of suggestions for award-winning technical innovations. The prerequisites for the nomination of an innovation are readiness for series production and comprehensible utility value for the customers in the areas of environment, comfort, safety and economy. The editors-in-chief then independently select their personal favorites from the list of suggestions. In the end, the innovation that can unite the highest percentage of votes wins: a truly global winner.

The International Paul Pietsch Award 2017 will be presented on Thursday, January 26, 2016, as part of the award ceremony “Best Cars 2017 “Presented at the International Congress Center Stuttgart


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