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International driving license: Outside Europe mostly mandatory

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International driver's license
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F or for the international driving license you do not need an additional driving test lay down. The international driving license is only an additional document to the national driving license. It makes it easier for police officers abroad to check their driving licenses. In order to avoid discussions with authorities and bureaucracy loops, it is strongly recommended in some countries.

Here you can get the international driver's license

The international driver's license can be obtained from the driver's license office of the place of residence for about 16 euros can be applied for and is usually valid for three years - but no longer than the expiry of the validity of the national driving license. The driving license authorities are obliged to notify the Federal Motor Transport Authority that an international driving license has been issued for the purpose of storing it in the central driving license register. To obtain an international driver's license, the applicant must already have a national driver's license in credit card format. Anyone who still has a paper driver's license must have it converted to a card driver's license before the international driver's license is issued.

t only required in countries outside Europe.
Wrong. In Europe, for example, it is recommended for Albania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
  • In some countries it is even mandatory.
    Right. In many non-European countries such as Egypt. It is not required in the EU countries, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland.
  • In the USA I need an international driver's license.
    Correct. Due to the lack of a legal basis for the recognition of German driving licenses, it is always strongly recommended that you take it with you.
  • In some countries I even end up in jail if I drive without an international driving license.
    Correct. According to the respective national criminal regulations, a prison sentence for driving without a driving license cannot be ruled out.
  • If my international driving license was stolen abroad, I can continue to drive with my German driving license until the end of the trip.
    Wrong. In countries where an international driver's license is compulsory, if you lose it, you will be treated as if you had none from the start. Therefore, in this case, it is absolutely advisable to report theft or loss to the police.
  • With oneDriving ban in Germany I am allowed to continue driving abroad with the international driving license.
    Wrong. For the duration of the driving ban in Germany, all driving licenses issued by a German authority must be placed in official custody. Anyone who drives a vehicle abroad despite a driving ban in Germany must expect severe fines or penalties in some cases.

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