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Interior check Dacia Lodgy: focus on the essentials?

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Interior check Dacia Lodgy
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A family van from 9,990 euros. The announcement sits. At this price, the interior is practically bare and useful details, such as the split-fold rear seat, are not even available. That's why we're taking a closer look at the next higher equipment variant, 'Ambiance', with the D acia Lodgy from 10,990 euros in the petrol version and from 13,490 euros in the diesel version.

The first thing you notice is the smell in the interior - and not entirely pleasant. It doesn't sting the nose, but the poor quality plastic atmosphere inevitably spreads through the sense of smell. Perhaps that is why we are so positively surprised by the design of the dashboard: although gray dominates, light beige inlays and a frame around the center console in a metallic look create a friendly atmosphere. Sure, touching all the hard plastic is not an experience for the fingers, but we didn't expect it otherwise.

It rattles and rattles behind cover

Beautiful, high quality, luxurious - these are the attributes the Dacia Lodgy just don't match. He doesn't have to either. But especially when a model pretends to concentrate on the essentials, it pays to take a closer look at the essentials. Operation: very simple in design, there is no danger of distracting the driver in any way. The classic way of starting is with the key, the light modes on the left lever are selected by turning and three rotary controls on the center console determine whether cold or warm air should flow to where, and how much. If you turn the two outer controls rattles and rattles behind the cover.

Sponge over it, we turn on the radio (in the package with air conditioning 950 euros) and the Dacia Lodgy surprises us again: Nothing rattles or rattles here. The sound is almost neutral; The mids could be a bit more present and the highs more plastic, but nothing hurts in the ear and the bass is well contoured. To the left of the small screen there is an AUX port and a USB port to the right. No matter which entranceis selected, the system takes just one second to notice and use the new source. However, the volume control could be confusing. This does not work with the large rotary control directly below the screen, but with the - /+ buttons on the left. We often unintentionally switch the transmitter and we wonder why the Stones are not roaring louder than before, but only rustling away.

Dacia Lodgy disappoints in the storage compartment and shelf section

Sponge about it, Mick Jaggere's voice isn't getting any younger. It's back to the cockpit. We accidentally touch the lever on the right of the steering wheel and activate the windscreen wiper. The sun is shining brightly, but why not: There are three modes to choose from, everything fits, we turn it off again. The rubber blade on the rear window must have felt disadvantaged because it starts even though the rotatable element on the lever is at 0. Only after spraying once, starting the engine and driving two meters does the rear window wiper of the Dacia Lodgy calm down. The turn signal lever on the left of the steering wheel moves just as easily, and just like on the opposite side, it clicks when it clicks into place. There are no more levers and buttons to discover. One more thing: the handbrake. When pulling up, we feel reminded of inexpensive toys, which fall apart as soon as you get down to business a little more courageously.

Sponge about it, we devote ourselves to the shelves and storage compartments. As an inexpensive candidate among the family cars, our expectations are not as low as those in terms of feel and comfort. But this is where the Dacia Lodgy disappoints: The glove compartment is average in size, the open shelf directly above and the shelf on top of the dashboard do not hold anything in place when cornering, the front door pockets could be wider and deeper, those of the rear doors are even flatter and narrower . And that's it. Card slots on the front seat backrests? Nothing. Cup holder? Yes, but only very flat cut-outs for the driver and front passenger.

Storage volume is the trump card with the Dacia Lodgy

You can't use a sponge here, which is why we take a look at the luggage compartment and that Dacia Lodgy can show what it's really about: storage volume. Of these, 827 to 2,617 liters are available, which can be loaded via a pleasantly low loading sill. Two additional seats for the third row are available for 590 euros, the large tailgate that opens upwards is free. We can only report on entry and space conditions from the second and first row: In the rear, Thomas Gerhardt, who is 1.90 meters high, particularly likes the van-typical headroom, and at the front Ms. Dervisevic is pleased that she doesn't have to pump up the driver's seat to overlook the street. Really annoying, however, is the non-height-adjustable seat belt that the 1.60 meter tall lady constantly onNeck slips. Belt, steering wheel and seat are only variable in height for 300 euros.

The rear seat becomes variable from the second highest equipment variant 'Ambiance'. Then it can be folded down in two parts. Just like ESP, three Isofix child seat holders are always on board the Dacia Lodgy. So equipped with the essentials from 10,990 euros? That depends on the demands. For example, if you want lots of practical shelves, you will probably turn up your nose - even at this price. Or the smell.


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