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IntelliLux Matrix light from Opel wins Paul Pietsch Award 2016

Paul Pietsch Award 2016
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27% for the matrix light from Opel

M it 27 percent of the votes cast, a technology from Opel wins the International Paul Pietsch Award 2016: the IntelliLux Matrix light. The LED matrix headlights, which Opel is the first to offer in the compact class, enables individual light distribution to be controlled according to the situation. 16 individually controllable light-emitting diodes and six additional LEDs for low beam and cornering light make it possible to control the light cone as required.

If the front camera behind the windshield detects oncoming vehicles, the light cone is cut so that oncoming traffic is not blinded. The side area can still be illuminated with the high beam so that the driver can perceive roadside hazards up to 40 meters earlier at 80 km /h than with low beam. In addition, with this technology, the light distribution of the Opel Astra is individually regulated depending on the type of road and surroundings (motorway, city, country road).

Outstanding innovative technology concepts. The prerequisites for the nomination of an innovation are readiness for series production and understandable utility for the customers in the areas of environment, comfort, safety and economy.

The jury consists of 26 editors-in-chief of the international network of auto motor und sport in 21 countries from South America to China. At the end of each year, they jointly draw up a list of suggestions for award-winning technical innovations. The editors-in-chief then select their personal favorites from this list independently of one another.

When voting, the focus is on the comprehensible customer benefit from the perspective of the respective title and the country-specific priorities. After all, customer needs and preferences in emerging markets can differ from those in mature markets. Every magazine has a vote. Which idea unites the most votes can be considered a truly global winner.

The International Paul Pietsch Award 2016 will be presented on Thursday, January 28, 2016, as part of the “Best Cars 2016” award ceremony in the International Congress Center Stuttgart presented.


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