Insults in traffic

Insults in traffic
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'Sacramentsakramoschtsakramolni'. This swear word from Baden is not on the ADAC published list for swear word fines, but it can still cost you dearly. In general, anyone who scolds in traffic for jostling, disregarding the right of way or cutting, risks fines of up to 4,000 euros.

Stinky fingers very popular, but also very expensive

One of the best sellers among the evil gestures and curses is the finger. Even if the person concerned will probably feel better afterwards, if he is caught, he will face a fine of 600 to 4,000 euros. Or let's take the seemingly harmless 'You probably have a beeping'. That makes 750 euros. The rankings are headed by the sayings 'You bitch' (1,900 euros), 'Fieses Bitch' (2,500 euros) and 'Alte Sau' (2,500 euros).

How much euros is the real money lighter, also depends on who you abuse and the income of the accused. If a police officer is insulted, it usually weighs particularly heavily because it also indirectly insults the state.

The amount of the penalty also depends on the income

There are also there are no fixed rules, as is the case with traffic violations. Depending on the circumstances, the amount of the punishment is based on daily rates, which are based on the economic situation of the angry person.

Do you want to know exactly? Then click through our photo show, in which we list all the sayings and gestures and tell you what they cost.


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