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Instagram Stars: The World's Most Popular Cars

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D er British car insurer Veygo has evaluated the most popular car models worldwide on the social network. In addition, the two most popular hashtags of currently built car models were added. Veygo ignored hashtags that had a double meaning - such as #golf -.

Where is the Opel Corsa?

If you think that the hypercars romp in first place this world that end in 'i' is wrong. Anyone who thinks that German premium cars are way ahead in the Insta world is also wrong. Anyone who thinks that an Opel Corsa will make it into the top 20 is wrong - even if only just barely, the Opel is in 21st place.

At the forefront of the Instagram photo community is the undisputed Ford GT with over 11 million hashtags used, followed by the Honda Civic (no, not the Type R) with almost 7.5 million and the Nissan GT-R with over seven million hashtags. The first German model, the BMW M3, ranks fourth, the first SUV with the Jeep Wrangler is in fifth place. Porsche, Audi, VW follow somewhere in the top 30 nowhere.

How uncool is the Prius ?

Speaking of nowhere: The end of the 287-car list is also remarkable. Here is the Honda Crider from Chinese production with 23 hashtags, directly behind it are the electric model Honda MC-β, the Honda Spirior (Honda Accord), the SUV Honda Avancier as well as the Keicar van Honda Vamos and the MPV Honda Lefesta after the Honda XR -V. The Toyota Prius V and the Mercedes R-Class are also completely uncool in ninth from last place with 603 hashtags.


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