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Innovation bonus: You still get these models

From January 1st, 2023, the innovation bonus will be history. The federal share of the environmental bonus is halved. Carwow reveals which four models are guaranteed to benefit from double funding.

Electric cars and plug-in hybrids are comparatively expensive. So that their share on Germany's roads nevertheless increases, the state and manufacturers promote the purchase with the environmental bonus. The innovation premium has also been in effect since June 2020, doubling the federal government’s share of funding. There is a subsidy of up to 9,000 euros for e-cars, and eligible PHEV models are subsidized with up to 6,500 euros.

On January 1st, 2023, however, new rules will apply to funding. The innovation bonus will be abolished, and government subsidies for plug-in hybrids will be completely phased out. So buy an eligible electric car or a plug-in hybrid now? Easier said than done. In view of the currently prevailing shortage of microchips and interrupted supply chains, car buyers have to be prepared for waiting times of sometimes more than a year. And since the receipt of the premium depends on the day the vehicle is registered and not on the conclusion of the purchase contract, it is becoming more than scarce for the full subsidy.

But there are still a few models that can still benefit from the innovation bonus despite the advanced calendar year. According to the online platform Carwow, there are exactly these four models:

  • Ford Kuga (PHEV) - Delivery guarantee in 2022 for orders placed by August 22, 2022 View offers for the Ford Kuga at Carwow.de
  • Mercedes EQE (purely electric) - Average delivery time four months View offers for the Mercedes EQE at Carwow.de
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (PHEV) - Average delivery time four months Offers for the View Eclipse Cross at Carwow.de
  • Tesla Model Y (purely electric) – Average delivery time five months View offers for the Tesla Model Y at Carwow.de
  • When asked how Carwow When determining the delivery times, the company says: "Carwow gets the delivery times directly from the dealer. Our partners inform us about the current delivery times and sometimes also pass on the direct information from the manufacturers to us. Because our cooperating dealers are spread all over Germany , we have a good overview of the average delivery times in Germany."

    In order for the innovation bonus to actually work, however, the buyer must pay attention to the equipment with which he configures his potential new car. This sometimes has a major impact on the delivery time. It therefore not only makes sense, but is highly advisable to speak to your dealer about it. Here are a few examples:

  • Ford Kuga PHEV : Delivery guarantee for orders placed by August 22nd.2022
  • Mercedes EQE : with hyperscreen plus 5 to 6 months delivery time (without hyperscreen available in 2 months)
  • Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake: manual transmission instead of automatic transmission plus 1 to 2 months delivery time
  • Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV : No restrictions known
  • Mitsubishi Space Star: Exterior color white plus 1 month delivery time
  • Tesla Model Y : Exterior colors silver, blue and red plus 3 months
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5: All-wheel drive plus 2 months
  • Skoda Fabia: Function package including heated windscreen plus 6 weeks, panoramic glass roof, Color Concept, digital instrument cluster plus 8 weeks, Easy equipment line plus 8 weeks
  • Who or what is Carwow?

    Carwow.de is a free online platform for buying a new car or selling an old car. Via Carwow, customers receive online offers from verified dealers and manufacturers so that they can buy or sell their vehicle with just a few clicks. There is no negotiation and no fees apply.

    As soon as the customer has received an offer that is attractive to him, he can contact the dealer or manufacturer. If he wants to sell his car, he accepts the offer and Carwow takes care of the purchase process. ,


    According to Carwow, only four electric and PHEV models are available this year with full funding including an innovation bonus. If you act quickly, you can still secure the full subsidy, but you also have to reckon with cutbacks in the desired equipment. Even a small tick in the configurator can significantly increase the delivery time.


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