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Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept in Beijing: QX50 Outlook

Mang Cui
Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration Concept in Beijing
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D he successor to the QX50 adopts design elements from the Q30 , the QX30 and the recently renovated Q60. The study relies on short overhangs, wide-flared wheel arches with additional plastic planks and heavily drawn-in doors above the sills, which then function as a step. With a width of 1.96 meters, a height of 1.66 meters and a length of 4.69 meters, the QX has powerful proportions. The wheelbase is specified as 2,825 mm. The ground clearance of 23 centimeters should promise off-road suitability.

Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration relies on beefy optics

Slim LED headlights that reach far into the fenders sit above powerful vertical air inlets. The radiator grille spreads out and is surrounded by a wide chrome frame. The vertical air inlets in front of the front wheels correspond with the ventilation gills behind the front wheel arches. Underrun protection elements emphasize the SUV character. As is so often the case, the shape of the roof should give it a coupé look.

At the rear, the underride guard integrates the mighty tailpipes. The slim LED taillights sit high on the rump of the brawny drawn rear. The exterior mirrors were replaced by reversing cameras. The large glass roof ends directly in the rear spoiler apron.

The interior of the QX study is characterized by four individual seat shells and a high center console. In the rear, an emergency seat can be folded out in the middle. Two-tone leather creates a noble look. In addition, Alcantara was used on the roof pillars.

The dashboard of the Infiniti QX Sport Inspiration is equipped with a large touchscreen and a digital display behind the steering wheel, which is flattened at the bottom. Other small touchpads control the ventilation and air conditioning.

The Japanese do not provide any information about the drive of the study.


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