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Infiniti Prototype 9: Retro racing car with electric power

Gregor Hebermehl
Infiniti Prototype 9
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D en approach to Infiniti Prototype 9 is formulated by Infiniti Head of Design Alfonso Albaisa as follows: “At first it was just a simple mind game: What if we found a car, hidden in the very south of Japan and forgotten for 70 years? What if we recognized the seeds of a project in this find that combined the passion of the first Japanese GP with the power and artistry of Infiniti? What would this discovery look like? ”

Handcrafted racing car

Retro racing car in the classic dugout design.

This idea resulted in Prototype 9, the one in Pebble Beach Will be unveiled in 2017. A spectacular study that is reminiscent of the early Auto Union racing cars or old Silver Arrows. The 4.33 meter long, 1.82 meter wide and 91 cm high Infiniti Prototype 9, which was built entirely by hand, relies on a classic dugout design with free-standing wheels. The single-seater relies on an extremely long hood with distinctive beads on the flanks, a stub disk for the pilot and a short, crisp tail. The radiator grille consists of many vertical, curved slats and is interrupted by a small spoiler. The wheelbase spans 2.70 meters between the two axles. The gear train is also extremely classic. 19-inch wire-spoke wheels with central locking accommodate 450-19 tires at the front and 650-19 at the rear. But no drum brakes are used behind it, the Prototype 9 relies on modern disc brakes on both axles. The axles themselves are calmed by transverse leaf springs and hydraulic rotation dampers, the steering dispenses with power assistance.

With E-Power to 170 km /h

Under the body made of hand-driven sheet steel, a steel tubular space frame brings all the components together. It gets really futuristic with the drive. A 120 kW and 320 Nm electric motor acts on the rear axle via a single gearbox. The energy is supplied by a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity of 30 kWh. The 890 kg Infiniti Prototype 9 should be able to sprint from zero to 100 km /h in 5.5 seconds. The maximum speed is given as 170 km /h. Under racing conditions, the juice should last for a good 20 minutes.


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