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Infiniti LE Concept at the New York Auto Show: Luxury E-Mobile

Infiniti LE Concept at the New York Auto Show
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B Infiniti already wants to join in two years make the market happy with a purely electrically powered luxury sedan. The LE Concept study at the New York Auto Show will give a first look at the production model. Drawn as a classic sedan, the typical wavy lines characterize the Infiniti design.

Induction reloading

That dynamic exterior was paired with a luxurious interior in the study Infiniti LE Concept. Bright surfaces correspond with digital and analog instruments and a large, two-part central screen on the center console. This bundles numerous operating functions as well as multimedia and connectivity applications.

The 24 kWh lithium-ion battery packs hidden in the vehicle floor are intended to provide ample space in the interior and trunk. The unspecified electric drive is supposed to push with around 325 Nm.

A newly developed inductive charging system is supposed to ensure high everyday suitability. The car only needs to be parked above the charging station and the battery can be filled without contact. Alternatively, the electric car can also be recharged conventionally by cable.

The Infiniti LE Concept also includes all-round surveillance by a camera system that supports an active parking pilot.


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