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Infiniti G37 Coupe Future: New Infiniti G37 Coupe Coming in 2012

Mark Stehrenberger
Infiniti G37 Coupé-Future
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Even if the Nissan 370Z and the I nfiniti G37 Coupé as sister models should have a lot in common visually distinguish both in the next generation, despite their technical affinity.

Hybrid and small six-cylinder possible

The new Infiniti G37 Coupé is drawn much more aggressively and has more sweeping lines. In addition, the rear should stretch more upwards and thus create sufficient space for the luggage of the targeted Lifesytle customers as an almost shooting brake. Whether the Infiniti G37 Coupé with the new lines will also be offered as a convertible again is still open.

However, it is already certain that the new model generation will continue to be available with optional all-wheel steering and optional all-wheel drive. Shifts continue with a manual six-speed gearbox or the seven-speed sports automatic. The 3.7-liter V6 engine will continue to grow and carry the 348 hp engine currently presented in the IPL models as standard under the hood. It has not yet been decided whether the 2.5-liter six-cylinder with 218 hp presented in the G25 sedan will also be offered in the coupé from 2013. It is also possible to use the hybrid drive train from the M35 Hybrid.

Mark Stehrenberger

The Swiss-born Mark Stehrenberger has been drawing the automotive future for auto motor and sport for over 30 years. He lives alternately in Santa Barbara, California, and Montreux, Switzerland, and leads his established design team, MSD, which has made a solid international name for itself for cutting edge design in various fields. Furthermore, Stehrenberger is visiting professor at the Art Center of Design College in Pasadena, US. His further portfolio:
- Design and development from concept to 3-D model for automobile manufacturers, suppliers and accessory manufacturers in the USA, Asia and South America
- Feasibility studies, detection of future trends, further development of existing products
- Workshops for design studios on the topics of auto design and future trends
- Design and development of auto accessories for the global market
- Illustration of future models
- Production and moderation for TV reports with a focus on design in the USA and Europe
- guest speaker at dealer meetings, car shows andPresentations in German and English
- Design and development of furniture, light and video games
- Design and development of fashion for young women, swimwear, accessories, jewelry, glasses and sports shoes


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