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Infiniti Emerg-E: Sharp mid-engine study with range extender

Arturo Rivas
Infiniti Emerg-E Design
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E s is a blind date. Literally. Before we visit the photo studio, we just know something about an Infiniti study, nothing more. When the light falls on the lascivious super sports car, ready to jump, with its numerous air inlets and outlets, we involuntarily begin to assess. Oh, this Infiniti Emerg-E could do with a 600 PS strong, air-hungry internal combustion engine.

Puff cake - the mid-engine athlete Infiniti Emerg-E clearly pays homage to electromobility, 'the new vroom', like them say at Infiniti. At the start, they compensate for the lack of acoustic drama with an optical drama. Instead of tearing at least six pistons out of their rest position and letting the engine define its territory acoustically with an intake and exhaust symphony, blue illuminated lines run through the interior. They are intended to symbolize the flow of electrons and point to the weight room in the rear of the aluminum chassis.

Two electric motors provide 300 kW in the Infiniti Emerg-E

Two electric motors are waiting there from Evo-Electric with a total of 300 kW (408 PS), which transmit their power to the rear wheels via a single-stage Xtrac transmission. Four inverters control the motors and their recuperation when braking, the electricity generated in this way flows into the lithium-ion battery with a gross capacity of 14.8 kWh, which is placed directly behind the seats. It can be charged both at conventional sockets and with high-voltage current. When the tide reigns in the cells, a compact and lightweight 1.2-liter three-cylinder petrol engine developed by Lotus provides charging assistance. It works in a range between 1,500 and 4,000 rpm and has a maximum output of 48 hp at 3,500 rpm. The 1.6-tonne Infiniti Emerg-E could drive just under 50 kilometers at city speed, including the range extender, it should be around 480 kilometers.

And each one promises enjoyment. Because of the cool, flat body made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, the shape of which flows somewhere between the Cayman and McLaren MP4-12 C. Shiro Nakamura emphasizes that the Infiniti Emerg-E deviates from the classic Infiniti styling influenced by the front engine and rear-wheel drive. It starts almost harmlessly with a three-dimensional family grill, spices up with staring headlamp eyes, and then increases to 4.46 meters in length at just 1.22 meters in height to a mid-engine burner, and those who follow behind get an evil lookthrows.

For example, when the Infiniti Emerg-E accelerates to 100 km /h in a good four seconds and speeds away with up to 200 km /h and a drag coefficient of 0.34. Its bead shapes are reminiscent of the previous Infiniti studies Essence (2009) and Etherea (2011), with which the Emerg-E forms a trilogy, according to head of design Nakamura. Particularly sharp: the one-piece, transparent acrylic roof with air inlet and integrated solar cells.

Boss, you nothing - driver fixation in the cockpit

At least the interior of the Infiniti Emerg-E will convince the last doubters. Me boss, you nothing - this impression is conveyed by the clear driver fixation in the cockpit, which clearly separates the passenger in terms of space and color. Here, the designers of the Nissan Design Europe team in London's Paddington district were able to live out dreams - in the form of high-gloss carbon surfaces, leather, chrome and a 'floating' center console with touch-sensitive surfaces.

The pilot sits on the right and enjoys an environment in jetfighter style, with the stylized Nürburgring on the display promising a more earth-bound use. Anyone looking at the solid workmanship of the study prepared by the European Nissan technical center NCTE in Cranfield, England, could easily imagine it. The bucket seats made of smooth leather, Alcantara and carbon provide plenty of lateral support and are thus prepared for powerful lateral acceleration, for which the 19 and 20-inch mixed tires are responsible. Powerful brake discs and forged double wishbones indicate that the Infiniti Emerg-E does not want to end up with recuperative deceleration in the infight.

The racing driver's saying 'If you brake later, you are faster' also applies to you Electric sportsman like the Infiniti Emerg-E - even if 'slow in and fast out' sometimes brings more. No matter how: We are definitely curious to see whether and in what form the Emerg-E study will eventually make it into reality.


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