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Inexpensive off-roaders: The cheapest new cars ex works

Inexpensive off-roaders
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D beyond all cheap models of the 'lower price category' can be viewed more closely in our large photo show. The price breaker among the SUVs is the Lada Niva, which has been produced almost unchanged since 1976 and is in the price list in Germany from 9,290 euros. You can only get a simple four-wheel drive for this amount, but the car has long since achieved cult status with many off-road fans. Compared to the previous year, the range of SUVs and off-road vehicles, which cost up to 30,000 euros, has risen sharply - thanks to numerous new entries in the compact category.

Fiat follows in second place with the all-wheel-drive version of the small car Panda, which is currently available for 12,870 euros (as a cross version in SUV look for 16,220 euros).

The smallest off-roader in the Suzuki range, the Suzuki Jimny, is also available for less than 15,000 euros. As the basic 1.3 Club model, the Suzuki Jimny with all-wheel drive is available from dealers from 14,600 euros. It is optionally available as a convertible special model 'Rock am Ring' or in the Jäger-und-Förster edition 'Ranger' with a 1.3-liter petrol engine. Here the prices are between 15,500 and 17,000 euros (base prices).

The cheapest pick-up with all-wheel drive is the Tata Xenon, which is in the price list from 16,990 euros. Whether the Toyota Urban Cruiser is also suitable for trips into rough terrain remains to be seen - at least it is quite cheap compared to other new cars from the compact SUV segment. The 1.4-liter diesel version with standard all-wheel drive and automatic start-stop costs from 20,700 euros. Other compact SUVs such as Suzuki Grand Vitara, Kia Sportage, Jeep Patriot, Honda CR-V or Toyota RAV4 are in the price segment between 23,000 and 27,000 euros. The undisputed bestseller VW Tiguan starts in the all-wheel-drive entry-level version VW Tiguan 1.4 4Motion at 27,475 euros.

Big discounts also on off-road vehicles

What also speaks in favor of visiting a new car dealer are the discounts that will hardly decrease in the new year either. According to an analysis by our sister magazine 'AUTOStraßenverkehr', the discount structure in Germany has gotten out of hand. 140 models were examined in November. The result: Since the demand for the scrapping bonus has collapsed, the car manufacturers have to react with increasing discounts in order to continue to lure customers into the showrooms.

Many off-road vehicles and SUVs offer discounts of up to 25 percent, even models such as the Hyundai that were only introduced in 2010Santa Fe (22%) or the VW Amarok (14%) are already lively in the discount round.


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