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Impressions Sema 2015: The world's craziest tuning fair

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Impressions Sema 2015
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S EMA: This is the show where perfectly normal series cars are in about as noticeable as popcorn cups in a packed cinema. If you want to stand out in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center these days, you have to push the limits of good taste. And sometimes beyond.

Crazy SEMA show in pictures

There is probably no car safe in the gaming mecca at the moment. Not because there are too many thieves around. But because the tuners invaded Vegas. What the car can withstand is refined. With extreme body kits, crazy rims, extensive power injections or cool paintwork. Or everything together.

Not only the we-like-extreme-car group gets their money's worth at SEMA. The show also has a lot to offer for two-wheeler lovers. Are you curious? Then take a look at our large picture gallery and experience the world's craziest tuning fair.


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