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IHS Automotive: Opel sales rise to more than one million

Market observer IHS Automotive
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Corsa and new off-road vehicle with a lot of potential

That comes from a sales forecast by the analysts of the market watcher IHS Automotive, which a auto motor and sport is present. Accordingly, sales will increase from an estimated 821,000 this year to 1.07 million in 2020.

According to the IHS forecast, the Corsa models (+36.4% to 353,000) and the future compact off-road vehicle, which according to IHS will sell around 102,000 times in 2020. The small car Karl, which will be released in summer 2015, is expected to find 45,500 fans in 2020. Sales of the Astra (18.9% to 265,000 vehicles) and sales of the Meriva and Adam will also grow. In contrast, the analysts expect declining sales figures for Mokka and Insignia.

Opel could be in the black in 2016

For Opel CFO Michael Lohscheller, the small Opels in particular will grow strongly by 2020 no surprise. 'With Adam, Corsa and Karl Opel will have the strongest small car portfolio of all time', Lohscheller told auto motor und sport . 'The winning mentality is back. Internally, quarter after quarter we even beat our own expectations - and those of our mother from Detroit.' Opel's goal of going into the black again in 2016 for the first time in many years thus seems realistic. In 2012, Opel made a loss of 1.9 billion US dollars, and in 2013 another 0.8 billion.

You can read even more in the new issue of auto motor und sport , Issue 25/2014, in stores from November 27th. Further topics:

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