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IAA 2016 - Oldies and US trucks: a hall full of gold

Torsten Seibt
Commercial vehicle IAA 2016 - vintage cars and US trucks
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W while it is in the rest Exhibition halls flash and flash, loud announcements boom and hostesses circle around the exhibits - a place of contemplative calm is hidden in Hall 22 at the Commercial Vehicle IAA 2016. In the farthest corner of the exhibition grounds, where hardly a visitor got lost on the press day, they stand there in full splendor: vintage trucks from many eras, supplemented by a special exhibition of colossal US trucks.

Long-nosed, round-nosed trucks, semi-trailers and flatbed trucks, from the tiny barca to the mighty faun, you can marvel at a wonderful cross-section of the turbulent transport times of German and international drivers. A museum could be equipped with the exhibits.

Oldtimer trucks at the IAA

On the exhibits, information boards tell the story and stories about the oldtimer trucks, club members and owners are there to talk and Answer. And not only newly restored specimens can be viewed. What is definitely the most rusty piece of sheet metal in the entire fair is displayed by a half-decayed Gutbrod Atlas. Wonderful to look at, but if you dare to do the restoration, you have a lot of work ahead of you.

In the picture gallery we show you some examples of the vintage cars and US trucks from the Commercial Vehicle IAA 2016 in Hanover.


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