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IAA 2005: The fascination of cars and alternative drives

Overview of trade fair highlights
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M ercedes showed the S-Class W221, Lamborghini the Gallardo Spyder and Porsche the Cayman. In addition, the Chinese Geely, Brilliance and JMC wanted to present themselves in Europe for the first time. The latter experienced a debacle because their Landwind off-roader failed in the crash test and the exhibition stand remained empty as a result.

Audi shows the Q7

Audi's large off-road vehicle is supposed to chase away buyers from the BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne. The thick ship offers space for up to seven people in three rows of seats. With an impressive 5.08 meters in length and 1.74 meters in height, the Audi Q7 already offers almost American dimensions and is the largest Audi of the post-war period. At the market launch there will be a three-liter diesel with 233 hp and a 4.2-liter V8 petrol engine with 350 hp. The base price is 48,900 euros.

In addition to the Audi Q7 series, the Ingolstadt-based company is also showing the Q7 Hybrid Concept. Here the V8 petrol engine is combined with a 32 HP electric motor. This should reduce consumption by up to 13% and then amount to 12 l /100km. The Hybrid Concept can drive two kilometers purely electrically and also ensures more agile driving performance. It takes 0.6 s from 0 to 100, from 80 to 120 km /h even a full two seconds faster than in a V8 without an electric motor.

BMW Z4 Concept and 3 Series Touring at the IAA 2005

BMW is showing the new 3 Series Touring (E92 series) at the IAA 2005. Compared to its predecessor, it is four centimeters longer and eight centimeters wider. This is particularly beneficial for the load volume of 460 liters now. That is 25 liters more than in the predecessor. Five engines from 150 to 258 hp are available for the market launch.

But the star at the stand is the Z4 Coupé. The BMW is still a study, but the 265 hp two-seater is already very close to series production and is a reaction to the Porsche Cayman, which also debuted at the IAA 2005.

The BMW X3 Efficient Dynamics gives the trade fair appearance Munich's green paint. The hybrid study does not rely on the usual high-voltage batteries, but on so-called super caps. These are capacitors that can store a relatively large amount of energy in a very short time. You cannot achieve a long range with the Super-Caps, however, they are lighter and more compact than the conventional high-voltage batteries in the rear. As with the Audi Q7 Hybrid, however, the chances of series production werevanishingly small. To date, neither the X3 nor the Q7 has made it onto the market as a hybrid.

The Chinese embarrass themselves in the crash test

The Chinese want the Geely, Brilliance and JMC brands in Europe too Gain a foothold. The first appearance of the Asians is overshadowed by a catastrophic crash test. The ADAC certified that the JMC Landwind off-roader had the same technology as it was 30-40 years ago. The entire passenger cell collapsed, with likely fatal consequences for the occupants. After this result, JMC canceled its presence at the trade fair and the other two brands also eke out a hidden, lonely existence in Hall 4.

Lamborghini is showing the Gallardo Spyder and makes men's hearts beat faster. Two years after the debut of the closed Gallardo, you can now enjoy the sound of the 5.0-liter V10 without a roof. The two-seater now has 520 instead of 500 hp and drives 314 km /h if necessary. However, in the closed state, because 'only' 307 are open. The fabric roof opens and closes electrically in around 20 seconds, prices start at 167,620 euros.

Star at Mercedes - the S-Class

Mercedes is showing the new S-Class W221 and repositions itself in the fight against BMW 7 Series and Audi A8. Grown in all dimensions, the luxury cruiser comes in two lengths. With a length of 5,076 mm or 5,206 mm, the Swabians offer the finest in comfort and numerous assistance systems. From the adaptive cruise control to the radar-based brake assistant to the night vision assistant, everything is on board that should make automotive life safer. A 272 hp V6 and a V8 engine with 388 hp will be available for market launch. Both petrol engines are later supplemented by a V6 diesel with 231 hp and the V12 in the S600 with 517 hp. Prices start at 70,760 euros.

Mercedes is also focusing on the hybrid theme and is showing the S350 Direct Hybrid and S320 Bluetec Hybrid studies. The S350 combines a petrol engine with a 221 kW electric motor, the S320 a diesel engine with an electric motor. Mercedes relies on the so-called 'mild hybrid' and promises reductions in fuel consumption of 20% for diesel and 25% for gasoline engines.

Opel is renovating the Vectra and showing the Astra Cabrio

The middle class of Rüsselsheimer is getting a facelift. Visually, Vectra and Signum are now based more on the Opel Astra. A total of nine engines from 100 HP to 230 HP are available. The future highlight of the Vectra series will be the OPC, which Opel will also be presenting. A 255 hp V6 turbo catapults the Sport Vectra to 100 km /h in less than seven seconds. The top speed is 260 km /h.

The Astra Cabrio, named Opel Astra, is a little more down-to-earth Twin-top listens. Really trendyit doesn't have a cloth cap, but a fixed retractable roof that can be lowered electrically into the trunk in a good 20 seconds. With the roof closed, the Opel offers 440 liters of luggage space that is reduced to 200 liters after opening the top. The Twin-Top comes to dealers with five engine variants. Four petrol engines from 105 to 200 hp and a 150 hp diesel.

VW Cabrio Eos and Golf R32 at the IAA 2005

The VW Eos is also a convertible with a fixed Retractable roof and debuts in Hall 3. The Wolfsburg will be available from dealers from spring 2006 at prices starting at EUR 25,950. The five-part roof opens and closes in 25 seconds and, in contrast to the Opel, also has a sunroof function. When closed, it offers 380 liters of trunk space, and 205 liters when open. There is a choice of four petrol engines from 115 to 250 hp and a 140 hp TDI.

The Golf R32, which is celebrating its premiere in Frankfurt at the 2005 IAA, also has 250 hp. This means that it offers nine hp more than its predecessor and can now also achieve 250 km /h. All-wheel drive '4motion' and the 3.2 liter VR6 engine catapult the sports golf to 100 km /h in 6.5 seconds. With the optional DSG, it is only 6.2 seconds. Automatic air conditioning, rain sensor and bi-xenon headlights are available as standard at prices from 32,200 euros.

Porsche Cayman S with 295 hp

At BMW the Z4 Coupé is still a study at the IAA 2005, at Porsche the Cayman S is ready and can be ordered in November 2005 from 58,529 euros. In return, the sports car fan gets a two-seater that is priced exactly between the Boxster and 911. The mid-engine bolide is powered by a 3.4 liter boxer engine with 295 hp and has a top speed of 275 km /h. The sprint to 100 succeeds in 5.4 seconds. The Cayman S has 15 hp more power than the Boxster S, which is due on the one hand to the 0.2 liter increased displacement and on the other hand to the variable intake camshaft control and valve lift switching, which was previously reserved for the 911. With a total of 410 liters of luggage space, divided into 260 liters at the rear and 150 liters at the front, the Cayman S is even suitable for travel.


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