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IAA 1995: 20 world premieres in Frankfurt

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M itsubishi is ahead, at least when it comes to the presentation of the first gasoline -Direct injection. In the HSR V study, the GDI engine shows the future-oriented technology that promises more power with less consumption. However, this technology is not yet available in the new Carisma and Eclipse models.

Audi at the 1995 IAA with the A3 sports coupé

Allegedly, Ferdinand Piëch threatened all project employees who should comment on the new A3. The look of the coupé study impressed audiences and experts alike and led to the decision to launch the project as the TT from 1998. The diesel route continues, a 110 hp diesel engine can now be ordered for the A4. For the A6, two engines expand the engine range downwards (125 HP-1.8 liters) and upwards (2.8-liter V6 with 193 HP).

The new 5 Series from BMW only comes with a half Year after the Mercedes E-Class. Of course, it is again larger than its predecessor - seven centimeters more wheelbase, five centimeters longer and wider - but above all its light-alloy chassis with integral link rear axle like the 7 Series makes the testers' faces astonished. Initially, the more powerful gasoline engines with 170 and 193 hp are offered, followed later by the entry-level gasoline engine with 150 hp and the 143 hp diesel engine.

Mercedes shows SL at the 1995 IAA

The innovations of the IAA ( to the current IAA special ) at Mercedes are limited to new engines for the C-Class (2.3-liter compressor with 193 hp and 2.5-liter turbodiesel with 150 hp) and E-class (E420 with 279 hp and E50 AMG with 347 hp) . The SL is optically redesigned and has new aprons on the front and rear, white indicator glasses and the hardtop can now also be supplied made of glass - with a standard roller blind against the sunlight.

New Fiesta and five studies

Ford presents its new hope, the Fiesta, among other things available in the equipment variant Focus. The new Zetec Se engines, all four-valve units made of aluminum, work under the bonnet.

In addition to the Fiesta, there are five studies: Mustang convertible, the pick-up Ranger Supercab Splash, a sports van version of the Windstar named SHO, theTwo-seater Lincoln L2K and the super sports car GT90 with 720 hp V12.

New Vectra and three-liter Corsa

The new Vectra is in Frankfurt at the IAA as a limousine. The station wagon is presented as a study, but its appearance has already been decided. Like Citroën with the AX Eco two years earlier at IAA 1993 Opel trimmed a Corsa for lightweight construction, aerodynamics and the resulting minimal consumption. The Corsa Eco 3 stands out for its extensive bodywork components that significantly improve aerodynamics and reduce the drag coefficient to 0.295.

The use of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum on the body and other components saves an impressive 225 kilograms in weight . How much additional costs this causes is evident from the example of the gearbox cover: Instead of aluminum, carbon fiber is used, instead of 90 pfennigs it costs 45 marks - weight saving: around 500 grams. The precious three-liter car is powered by a relatively untouched Isuzu diesel with a displacement of 1.7 liters and 63 hp. Four-valve technology and direct injection are the details worth mentioning, not even charge air cooling is on board. The consumption is stated by Opel with 3.4 liters in the third mix.

Targa with glass dome, 911 with more power

Porsche has given its Targa a new glass roof, which is a special driving experience promises even when closed. In addition, the Zuffenhausen-based company is getting 13 hp more from the 3.6-liter boxer, which now produces 285 hp.

Chrysler is showing the new Stratus Cabriolet with four seats. In the front-wheel drive open American, either a 2.4-liter four-cylinder with 150 hp or a 2.5-liter V6 with 164 is used. At 50,000 marks, it costs only half the price of a Mercedes E-Class convertible.

The new Voyager, which was developed in 32 months for around 2.6 billion dollars, is interesting for families. The large van is now one of the American bestsellers and was sold around 4.2 million times by 1995. Above all, the specifications should have included improved space and a larger trunk. The interior grows by ten percent, the trunk by a third to 671 to 3,250 liters. The line is determined by the new cab-forward design with the windshield drawn far forward. This improves the aerodynamics, the interior feels even bigger - and unfortunately also hotter due to the incidence of sunlight. The engine range of the Voyager produced in the Graz Eurostar plant starts with a 115 hp diesel and goes up to the 3.8-liter V6 with 168 hp.

Fiat at the 1995 IAA with Brava and Bravo

In Frankfurt, Fiat shows with Brava (five-door) and Bravo (three-door)the successors of the unsuccessful Tipo. The two models are intended to regain market share in the Golf class and are available for prices starting at 22,000 marks. The customer can choose between four petrol engines with 75 to 147 hp and a 100 hp turbodiesel.

Mégane follows R19 and initial as Vel Satis ignition

Renault is getting rounder: the new Mégane, which follows the R19, is markedly more pleasing than its predecessor. The three- and five-door hatchback versions start with engines from 75 to 150 hp.

The study called Initiale causes astonished looks. Many details and design features of the futuristic body with rear paragraph will be taken up by the Vel Satis, which will be built from 2002. While the study at the 1995 IAA was powered by a 392 hp V10 with Formula 1 genes, a maximum of 241 hp will be available in the Vel Satis seven years later.

With the new 405, Peugeot is leading a new platform for the middle class. Seven centimeters more width and three centimeters more wheelbase provide noticeably more space. The chassis is upgraded with a new multi-link rear axle, safety benefits are airbags, belt tensioners and a new side impact system. Prices start at 32,500 marks.


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