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IAA 1983: love of computers and a talking car

Hans-Dieter Seufert
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Computers in all areas of the automobile

D he English go the furthest and offer the first speaking dashboard in the Leyland Maestro. At the time of the New German Wave, the utterances of the voice computer match the music that is blaring from the hi-fi stereo system - computer love.

Trust in computers is not unlimited

It is actually quite nice to be reminded by the synthetic voice to buckle up and close the door - but does the driver really want that? In the course of time it will become clear that it is actually desirable to have all possible inconveniences removed from a small box that understands nothing except ones and zeros.

In addition, there was an anachronistic development at the IAA 1983 ( to the current IAA special ) presented in Frankfurt: the electronically controlled carburetor. The 'emergency running properties' are emphasized as an advantage. So trust in the new technology is not yet unlimited.

The second generation of ABS is introduced: It is simpler and cheaper and can therefore also be installed in vehicles below the luxury class.

BMW i-Drive 24 years ago

BMW presents an electronically controlled automatic at the IAA 1983 . The top model 745 i gives the driver the option of normal, sport and economy programs. The predecessor of the I-Drive is selected using a rotary knob. Almost all manufacturers now have a four-speed automatic in their model range. This reduces consumption compared to the three-speed automatic - with increased comfort. However, it will take many years for the automatic to become established in Germany, the reason being the sometimes horrendous surcharges for switching it on.

IAA 1983 Audi's fight against wind forces

Audi had sent the aerodynamics world champion into series production with the new 100 a year earlier. The body optimizations, which received much attention, now call all manufacturers on the scene, who surpass each other with their Cd values ​​at the 1983 IAA. The fight against high consumption is therefore taking place in many areasled.


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