IAA 1953: The IAA of discount battles

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The big German automakers put their money in 1953 at the Frankfurt IAA ( h here about the current IAA ) on discounts: Opel is lowering its prices in some cases by 10 percent, Volkswagen is charging 250 marks less for the Beetle and at Ford, the Taunus 12 M costs 6,575 marks instead of 7,350. This development is generally seen as a normalization of the market.

Window areas are getting bigger, station wagons are coming

If you look at the body shapes in 1953, you notice a clear development towards larger window areas. The new Opel Olympia Rekord is representative here. With panoramic windows on the front and rear as well as large side windows, it offers a very good overview. DKW is following this trend with the new special class. A wide panoramic rear window and the missing B-pillars let the audience quickly speak of the 'all-view coupé'. And the Beetle now also has a reasonably large rear window instead of the pretzel window.

In retrospect, the large number of station wagons exhibited at the 1953 IAA is astonishing. Almost every manufacturer has a combination car on offer. Borgward and Champion, DKW and Ford, Goliath and Gutbrod - they are all mobilizing more and more families in addition to traditional customers such as craftsmen and retailers. Other station wagons come from Lloyd, Mercedes, NSU-Fiat, Opel and from abroad.

Innovations are rare at the IAA 1953

Many innovations cannot be discovered in Frankfurt. Mercedes, BMW and VW are resting on their laurels and are not showing any new models. Ford is expanding its Taunus program and demonstrating convertibles, station wagons and panel vans. In addition, the VW bus competitor FK 1000 will be presented, which is available as a box and flatbed truck as well as an eight-seat station wagon.

DKW does not keep its fans waiting any longer and brings the three-cylinder two-stroke engine onto the market. In comparison with the master class powered by the two-cylinder, the special class benefits from the smoothness and reaches around 115 km /h. But the set price of around 7,000 marks is very high.

In the luxury class, Borgward is expanding its technology pioneering role and is showing electric window regulators in a German car for the first time. Be in the new 2400 Pullmannthe opening windows can also be adjusted electrically. An automatic system can be ordered on request. Next to it is the Hansa 1500 racing coupé on the Borgward stand, the 110 hp engine of which is one of the most powerful series-production engines of the time and is expected to accelerate the 18,000 mark car up to 225 km /h.

Fend cabin scooter attracts visitors

The Fend cabin scooter attracts many visitors, the bizarre mobile that is built in the Messerschmitt factory in Regensburg, At 2,375 marks, it costs little more than a scooter and offers passengers a solid roof over their heads. The 'large capacity vehicle' called Champion 500 G can also come up with a trunk, but costs a lot more. With the LP 400, Lloyd shows the development of a fully fledged automobile. Initially with body parts made of wood covered with artificial leather, there is now an improved LP 400 with sheet steel side parts on display at the IAA.


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