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Hyundai “Vision G” Concept Coupe in Pebble Beach: Luxury Outlook

Stefan Baldauf /Guido ten Brink
Hyundai “Vision G” Concept Coupe in Pebble Beach
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G marked Under the leadership of the Hyundai US design team, the Hyundai 'Vision G' Concept Coupé is intended to anticipate the direction of the brand's future luxury models. The two-door model has a long bonnet and a driver's cab set far back. The roof ends in wide C-pillars in a stub rear. There is no B-pillar.

Hyundai 'Vision G' Concept Coupé with a distinctive front

The front of the 'Vision G' is characterized by narrow headlights and a large-meshed chrome hexagonal radiator grille. Ventilation gills behind the front wheel arches, distinctive beads, strongly indented flanks and wide flared wheel arches characterize the sideline with the flat window band. In the rear view, flatness dominates, the rear lights are vertical. The trunk lid has a spoiler apron.

The interior is dominated by light-colored, quilted leather and fine wood. Aluminum applications and a high-end audio system underline the claim to luxury. There is also a three-spoke steering wheel and digital displays and controls.

The well-known five-liter V8 with 420 hp and 518 Nm torque is used as the drive train.


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