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Hyundai Le Fil Rouge: Concept with a new design language

Hyundai Le Fil Rouge
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A utos sell very strongly through their design, and they sharpen accordingly Car manufacturers are constantly following their profile. The Le Fil Rouge design study, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show, shows which design language will be found in future Hyundai models. The name “Le Fil Rouge” (in English: the red thread) is a symbol of Hyundai's conviction that the brand's past, present and future are linked.

The new design developed by Luc Donckerwolke should achieve a harmonization of the four design elements of proportion, architecture, styling and technology. Unique proportions are achieved through a long wheelbase, large wheels and short overhangs. The front and rear pillars as well as the roof fit seamlessly into the overall silhouette of the vehicle and are intended to simulate dynamic forward movement.

Two-part interior

The new design clearly distinguishes between the interior design the needs of the driver and passengers. The front passenger seat maximizes comfort even on long journeys, while the ergonomically optimized driver's seat ensures more driving pleasure. The front passengers sit on what appear to be floating armchairs, in the rear there are two individual seats on a continuous bench. Each seat has its own touch control panel and there is also a central control panel. The interior is divided by a mighty, continuous center console. The cockpit landscape is based on a large screen level, no other control elements can be made out. A glass roof ensures plenty of light in the interior. The ambience is characterized by precious woods, wool, fabrics and leather. Access is provided by doors running in opposite directions without a B-pillar.

In addition, a new design should also clearly indicate a brand affiliation. Hyundai relies on a wide, multi-layer front hood in combination with a further improved cascade radiator grille.

As much as the design study looks like a sleek sports coupé, it should not hide a specific production model.


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