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Hyundai Kona recall: fuel filter dissolves

Hyundai has to recall 35,571 diesel Kona models worldwide. A faulty fuel filter can cause problems.

The Korean carmaker Hyundai has to recall 35,571 Kona models from workshops worldwide. An out of specification fuel filter can dissolve in diesel powered models. The loosened parts can subsequently damage the high-pressure fuel pump and thus restrict propulsion. ,

Around 1,500 cars in Germany

As reported by the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), 1,478 vehicles from the construction period 2018 to 2021 in Germany are affected by this recall. All owners of affected vehicles will be written to and ordered to take their car to the workshop. The fuel filter is checked there and replaced if necessary.

At the KBA, the recall is under the reference number 012293, at the manufacturer under the code 21D091. ,


Hyundai has to replace the fuel filter on around 35,500 Kona models with diesel engines worldwide.


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