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Hyundai Kona Elektro: Production from March 2020 also in Europe

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Hyundai Kona Elektro
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The Hyundai Group is considered a pioneer in alternative drive concepts. With the H yundai Kona Elektro and the electrically powered models of the sister brand Kia, the e-Niro and the e-Soul, the Koreans launched relatively inexpensive e-cars with decent ranges on the market early on.

The great interest of customers is weakened by long delivery times. For more than a year, many interested parties have to wait for a Kona Waiting for an electric or an electric Kia, in some cases dealers should no longer be able to name a delivery time.

Limited availability of electric models

The bottleneck lies in the production capacities that Importers are not getting enough cars from Korea. All three series are built in the Group's home country. In order to increase availability, the Kona Elektro will be manufactured in the Czech Hyundai plant in Nosovice from March 2020. Hyundai is tripling the production capacity of the battery-electric SUV for its customers in Europe. In addition, the existing production at the plant in Ulsan, South Korea, will be increased significantly. How the problem of battery availability can be resolved with the production increase remains unanswered.

According to retailers, most customers prefer the Kona and Kia e-Niro version with a 64 kWh battery . According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, 3,521 Hyundai Kona Elektro, 450 Kia E-Niro and 1,591 Kia E-Soul newly registered.


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