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Hyundai Kite (2018): Versatile electric buggy

Hyundai Kite (2018)
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D the Hyundai Kite concept vehicle is a vehicle without a roof or doors and window that runs on both roads and water. In just a few simple steps it can be transformed from a two-seater, electrically powered buggy into a jet ski with one seat. This turns the kite into a dual mobility solution for road and water.

The load-bearing element of the 3.75 meter long and 1.46 meter high Hyundai Kite is a monocoque chassis. Four free-standing balloon tires are docked to it. The two-seat cockpit is completely open. The driver and front passenger are stretched into the bucket seats with six-point belts. However, Hyundai is not yet allowing us to participate in the transformation to a single-seat jet ski.

Drive is purely electric

The kite is electrically powered both on the road and on the water. When operating the buggy on and off-road, four electric motors in the wheels provide propulsion. On the other hand, an electric jet turbine provides dynamism on the water. The driver of the Hyundai Kite can intuitively control many functions of the vehicle via the smartphone.

The Hyundai Kite Concept Car is already the second project that the Hyundai Design Center Europe is carrying out with the Italian design school. The ultra-light sports car concept PassoCorto was created back in 2014. With this partnership, Hyundai contributes to the training of young designers and is inspired by the insights into the work of the talented students. The designer of the PassoCorto, Marco Gianotti, for example, now works as an exterior designer at the Hyundai Design Center Europe.


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