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Hyundai ix55 for 2012: More power for Hyundai's top SUV

Hyundai ix55 for 2012
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Hyundai has the V6 diesel for the luxury SUV i x55 revised. The three-liter diesel now certified according to Euro 5 has an output of eleven hp more and a maximum torque of 471 Newton meters. The driving values ​​have improved accordingly.

The standard sprint from zero to 100 km /h is now completed by the large seven-seater a remarkable 1.2 seconds faster in 9.2 seconds. The top speed increases by five to 205 km /h. The standard consumption has been improved even more. This is now given as 7.6 liters of diesel, which corresponds to 199g CO2 /km. Compared to the previous model, this means a saving of 1.8 liters /100 km.

Hyundai ix55: Diesel from Germany

The V6 diesel of the Hyundai ix55 was developed in the brand's technology center in Rüsselsheim. It is always combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. The 4.84 meter long seven-seater is available in two equipment variants (Comfort and Premium) and the basic version is already quite lavishly equipped. The base price for the Hyundai ix55 has risen by around 2,300 euros and is now 44,630 euros. The fully equipped premium version costs 50,990 euros.


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