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Hyundai iX35 purchase advice: which iX35 is right for you?

Hyundai iX35 purchase advice
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An SUV at a bargain price? The Hyundai iX35 is certainly not. Nevertheless, the tariffs that Hyundai calls for the latest all-wheel drive in the program are quite bourgeois. Because not only in its segment, in which the iX35 competes with well-known sizes such as VW Tiguan or Toyota RAV4, it is an inexpensive offer. The SUV manufactured in the Slovakian plant in Zilina also stands in comparison with conventional cars in the Golf class competitive there, some buyers could decide to switch to the all-wheel drive camp.

D he cheapest versions of the Hyundai iX35 are the ones that just pretend as if. With pure front-wheel drive, the 163 hp petrol engine is available from 20,990 euros, the 4x2 with the 136 hp diesel starts at 24,190 euros. The all-wheel drive, which is recommended in any case, costs 1,700 euros extra.

The Hyundai iX35 CRDI costs significantly more

The hefty surcharge for the diesel engine of over 3,000 euros is purely over have only achieved the lower consumption again after a long journey. At current fuel prices, you have to drive around 100,000 kilometers to catch up on the gasoline lead with diesel. However, this does not take into account the resale value - which is likely to be higher for the diesel iX35.

With the vehicle tax, the diesel does not tear a much bigger hole in the household budget, here are 176 euros /year for the gasoline engine compared to 268 euros /year for the Euro 5 diesel with particle filter. The tariff differences for liability and fully comprehensive are much more substantial. In the compulsory insurance, the diesel class 23 is classified very high, the gasoline engine class 19 is still moderate. With fully comprehensive insurance, it is 23:24 for the gasoline engine. With the appropriate classification, this can easily amount to a few hundred euros a year.

Fair offer: five-year guarantee and free inspections

On the other hand, you don't have to worry about the remaining maintenance costs for the first five years after purchase. In addition to the five-year guarantee including mobility guarantee - the contribution for a traffic club is therefore obsolete - the inspections are free of charge during this period. The customer only has to pay for the workshop service when a mileage of 150,000 kilometers is achieved within this period. The fact that the diesel has to be inspected 10,000 kilometers later than the gasoline engine at 30,000 kilometer intervals paysis therefore at best suitable for extreme frequent drivers.

Even the basic version of the Hyundai iX35 is well equipped

Choosing the basic model in the Comfort version does not mean excessive asceticism. Because even these variants are modernly equipped with a sound system, light alloy wheels and air conditioning. Fog lights, parking beeps, seat heating and cruise control can be retrofitted in the Comfort versions for an extra charge. However, if you want an automatic transmission, you have to invest at least 1,600 euros extra in the next higher style equipment. The automatic surcharge is even higher for the diesel model: The self-shifting gearbox is only available in conjunction with the 184 hp engine, which costs at least 28,490 euros in the style equipment.

Top variant is always the premium equipment, which can only be ordered with the gasoline 4WD (from 26,390 euros) and the 184 hp diesel (from 30,590 euros). If you deduct the standard extras with the Premium compared to the styling worth 1,800 euros, the higher-quality leather upholstery in the top model Premium (which can also be ordered in different colors) costs 300 euros extra compared to the style.

Our recommendation for the Hyundai iX35:

The Hyundai iX35 Diesel only pays off if you drive a lot. The 2.0 4WD gasoline engine in Comfort equipment for 22,690 euros is the clear recommendation for cool computers. Nothing is really missed with him, at most that the plastic steering wheel cannot be covered with leather at least for a surcharge.

If you want to treat yourself to a little more, you should go for the style variant with partial leather equipment, automatic air conditioning and trend - Grab the package. Compared to the Comfort model, which has been upgraded with the same options, the leather interior of the Style costs just 240 euros extra. The indisputable lead of the diesel engine in terms of pulling power can be made up for with the gasoline engine by investing in the six-speed automatic for 1,450 euros. Equipped in this way, the Hyundai iX 2.0 4WD Style with automatic is available from dealers for 25,740 euros - still 100 euros cheaper than the 136 hp diesel with manual transmission in the Comfort basic equipment.

Premium customers, the Economy want to pay, you can finally recommend the top model - but then correctly: the 184-hp diesel in the premium equipment with automatic, navigation, reversing camera, cruise control and smart key system is available for 33,760 euros and thus undercuts the European one Competition for a few thousand.


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