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Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell: Fuel cell SUV from 65,450 euros

Dino Eisele
Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell
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Fleets, companies and authorities were able to use the H yundai ix35 Fuel Cell since summer 2013 at individually calculated rates lease. Now private individuals can also purchase the fuel cell model. As an alternative to the purchase option, Hyundai offers a four-year lease for the ix35 Fuel Cell without a down payment with an annual mileage of 20,000 km with a monthly full rate including full service of 1,290 euros. Hyundai gives a five-year guarantee up to 100,000 km for the vehicle.

Fuel Cell comes almost fully equipped. On board are, among other things, a radio navigation system with integrated reversing camera, heated seats at the front, 2-zone automatic air conditioning, rear parking aid, eight airbags, active headrests and four hydrogen sensors that provide immediate information in the event of a hydrogen leak.

The Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell is powered from a 100 kW electric motor on the front axle, which accelerates the vehicle from zero to 100 km /h in 12.5 seconds. The top speed is 160 km /h. The hydrogen for the fuel cell is held in two tanks with a total capacity of 5.94 kilograms. The range is around 600 kilometers. You can refuel in three minutes.


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