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Hyundai Ioniq: The facelift is coming in summer 2019

Hyundai Ioniq Facelift 2019
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I n fall 2016 came the Hyundai Ioniq, the first model of the Korean manufacturer launched that was designed for electrified drives from the start. The compact hatchback model is available as a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid, which was subsequently submitted in 2017, with an electric range of up to 63 kilometers (according to the manufacturer), as well as a purely electric version Ioniq for long delivery times of up to one year. Of the entire model series, 9,000 cars have so far been sold in Germany. So while many customers are still waiting for the car they have ordered, the brand is already presenting the series facelift. In the first step, the Ioniq Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid will be launched on the market in a revised form in summer 2019.

New cockpit

The exterior of the model series will in future have a honeycomb structure in the radiator grille instead of the slats previously used. The inserts for the daytime running lights in the bumper have been changed, as has the interior of the headlights. There is also a new graphic of the lights at the rear.

In the interior, the differences are greater. The display for infotainment and navigation that was previously placed in the cockpit will be replaced by a free-standing system up to 10.25 inches in size.

A newly designed control unit for the the automatic climate control. Driver assistants for keeping the lane and for initiating emergency braking are now standard, and the connectivity has been brought up to date. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be included ex works in the future, the optional navigation system works with real-time traffic data.

The two hybrid shift paddles on the steering column from the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, with which the energy recovery can be set in stages.

Nothing changes on the drive. Both models have a 1.6 liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 77 kW /105 PS under the hood. In the Ioniq Hybrid, it is supported by a 32 kW (44 PS) electric motor. The plug-in hybrid version has an electric drive with 45 kW (61 PS) maximum power.

Hyundai has not yet given any prices for the revised Ioniq. The Ioniq Hybrid currently starts at 24,800 euros.

Hyundai Ioniq Elektro will follow in autumn 2019

The refreshed Ioniq will be available in autumnElectro submitted later. Among other things, he should get a larger battery for more range. The 28 kWh battery, which previously provided an NEDC range of 280 kilometers, is no longer up-to-date due to the rapidly advancing battery development.

The in-house competitor Kona Elektro now also has 39.2 or 64 kWh -Batteries offer much more. It can be speculated that the Ioniq Elektro will at least achieve the value of the smaller Kona battery after the revision.


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