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Hyundai focuses on growth: Koreans want to overtake Nissan

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Hyundai focuses on growth
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' If we manage to build as many cars from the i20 as from the i30 - around 130,000 per year - we are well on the way to overtaking Nissan, 'said Allan Rushforth, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Europe, auto motor und sport. According to Rushforth, Hyundai is currently seeing the greatest growth in economically ailing Spain. 'Especially when times are tough, car buyers start to be interested in us.' As a result, Hyundai has already been able to significantly reduce the gap to competitor Nissan. According to the European automobile manufacturers association ACEA, Hyundai was able to increase its sales figures in the first four months by 9.3 percent to 145,000, while Nissan lost almost four percent to just under 156,000 vehicles. According to ACEA statistics, Hyundai had sold 398,000 cars in the EU and the Efta countries in 2011, while competitor Nissan sold 458,000.

Rushforth is particularly keen on the i20 because the car no longer imports from Asia to Europe , but is built in the European plants in the Czech Republic and Turkey and is thus advertised as a local product. Around 50 percent of the vehicles sold in Europe are currently manufactured in the Czech Republic. In order to be able to offer even more cars from 'domestic production', Hyundai wants to double the production capacities in Turkey from 100,000 to 200,000 per year. Therefore, according to Rushforth, Hyundai will invest 607 million US dollars over the next 18 months in the plant, which opened in 1997, in which the small cars i10 and i20 are built. Including the suppliers, around 2,400 additional jobs will be created, says Rushforth.


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