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Hyundai engine with record profit in 2009

Hyundai balance sheet
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W as the company announced on Thursday (January 28th), has the surplus increased to almost three trillion won (about 1.84 billion euros) and thus more than doubled compared to 2008. Sales fell by 1.0 percent to 31.9 trillion won.

Extremely strong growth in China

In the final quarter of 2009, thanks to strong domestic demand, net profit almost quadrupled year-on-year, from 243.5 billion won to 945.5 billion won. The proceeds climbed at Hyundai , which together with the Sister company Kia Motors ranks fifth among the largest car manufacturers , by 9.3 percent to 9.7 trillion won.

According to its own information, sales rose by 12 percent to 3.1 million vehicles last year. In China, the South Koreans recorded growth of 94 percent to more than 570,000 cars. This makes Hyundai number four in the most populous country, it said. The Hyundai-Kia Group wants to bring its sales this year well above the five million mark - after 4.6 million cars sold last year. Despite the global economic crisis, both manufacturers achieved record sales.


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