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Hyundai Enduro CUV Concept: City SUV design gimmick

Markus Stier
Hyundai Enduro CUV Concept
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D he HND-12 study shows a two-door SUV, who follows the crossover philosophy on coupé. The Enduro CUV Concept thus combines a steeply sloping roofline with a robust substructure and a large ground clearance.

SUV study in sports look

The plastic paneling of the wheel arches extend into the aprons and are woven with aluminum elements. The front is dominated by the powerful hexagonal radiator grille, huge air inlets and narrow LED headlight units. The A-pillars are extremely slim and thus give the impression of a surrounding window front. There are no exterior mirrors, replacements are provided by rearview cameras positioned on the edge of the roof. There are steps in the side sill panels for easier loading of the roof rack. Blades on the C-pillars ensure aerodynamic efficiency.

The Hyundai HND-12 Enduro study is powered by a two-liter GDI engine. Power is transmitted by a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. But the actual technology only plays a subordinate role. So far there are no plans to really get the Enduro on the road. Rather, the white bullet is a message to other manufacturers that they no longer want to be bought off when it comes to innovation and design. Hyundai has long since acquired a powerful ally and Kia's chief designer Peter Schreyer has also transferred responsibility for designing the cars to the parent company.

While the German designer was only able to lend a final hand at the simultaneous premiere of the new Tuscon, the Enduro is the first radical concept that was developed under his leadership in the development center in Namyang. But the enduro is not only a challenge to the Europeans, it is also supposed to recapture terrain in Korea, where cars are still in great demand as status symbols. The enduro is aimed primarily at the Korean youth, who are increasingly falling for German products because they are more expensive and exotic than the local ones.


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