Hyundai develops panoramic roof airbags

Hyundai develops new airbag
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P anorama glass sunroofs are becoming increasingly popular. They provide a lot of light in the interior and an airy feeling of space. However, in the event of a rollover, passengers can be thrown out of the open panoramic roof and suffer serious injuries. The risk of head injuries - a typical consequence of heavy contact with the vehicle roof - is also latent when the roof is closed.

Airbag curtain for the roof

The new airbag system should offer more protection in the event of rollover.

In order to protect passengers in all seats, Hyundai has now an airbag for the panorama roof with specially hardened glass has been developed. As soon as the vehicle sensors detect an impending rollover, the airbag unfolds below the roof from the rear to the front within just 0.08 seconds - similar to the familiar curtain airbag that is used in a side impact.

That The panoramic roof protection system is particularly complex compared to conventional airbags. The large-volume airbag was therefore placed between the glass pane and the sun protection blind and has the necessary installation space there to be able to unfold easily if necessary.

When and in which model the new airbag will be installed in series for the first time, Hyundai still wanted don't say.


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