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Hyundai at Sema 2015: Hot tuning six-pack

Hyundai at Sema 2015
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W as in the new Hyundai Tucson, that should be three tuners work out with their interpretations. Bisimoto chose the sporty side. Outwardly, the Tucson was relatively reserved. Lowering, new rims, wide tires and subtle aerodynamic components - that's it. A lot of potential has been released under the hood. The 2.4-liter four-cylinder has been completely redesigned, equipped with a fat turbocharger and designed for E85 operation. The bottom line is that the Bisimoto Tucson should deliver over 700 hp.

Tucson for off-road use

The JP Edition Tucson is more into adventure vehicles. A roof tent for two people was installed for this purpose. The Tucson itself was equipped with off-road tires, new rims, protective bars and running boards. Raising it by 1.5 inches provides more ground clearance, LED lights provide additional light.

Rockstar Performance is even more off-road. Here the body goes up 6 inches, underneath a fully adjustable hardcore off-road chassis was installed. 32-inch off-road tires keep contact with the ground. The engine can breathe more freely thanks to a sports exhaust system and a sports air filter.

Nothing goes below 500 hp

Sport was BTR's approach to converting the Veloster Turbo. The 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo engine was inflated to over 500 hp. Wide-body aerodynamic components made of carbon, together with a black and red paintwork, give the right look.

The direction of the two Genesis Coupé variants was clear anyway - sport. ARK increases the 3.8-liter V6 to a full four liters, adapts a compressor and generates over 500 hp. A wide body kit defines the look on the outside, while sport seats and a lot of carbon fiber laminate are used in the interior.

Similar concept also with Tjin Edition. The displacement remains unchanged, but with the compressor more than 500 hp are released. there is also a sports exhaust system and a small aerodynamic kit. Of course, a special paint finish shouldn't be missing.


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