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Hyundai at CES 2015: Blue Link is getting smarter

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H ore of the new Infotainment system is a seven-inch touchscreen. The new system works with Android Auto and Apple Car-Play and can therefore integrate almost any smartphone. When it comes to music playback, the new system dispenses with a CD player and relies on streaming services or music from the smartphone cans.

Remote control via smartwatch

The new system is used in selected 2016 Hyundai models. The new system should soon become the standard in all models.

In addition, the car can be unlocked or locked remotely via a smartwatch via a free app.

It should be ready for series production Be a head-up display with 'augmented reality', which in addition to simple navigation instructions also provides information on road conditions, sights and traffic information, for example. There is also a warning if another vehicle threatens to cross your own lane. This warning is also sent to an optional vibration bracelet, which also monitors its own lane keeping. It also monitors the heart rate and sends an emergency call in an emergency. The gesture control of various cockpit functions is also new.


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