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Hymer Car: The fastest motorhome in the world

Hymer Car at the CMT Stuttgart
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D he Hymer Car based on Fiat Ducato is a fully equipped Motorhome. In order to show what is in this, Hymer made a pact with the tuner Goldschmitt. The aim was to put the fastest motorhome in the world on its wheels.

According to the tuner, breaking the previous record of 191 km /h would have been easy, the standard 2.3 -Liter turbodiesel for the available three-liter version of the Ducato as a tuning base. But they did not want to do without the fuel economy of the small engine.

With a combined gas-diesel drive, the Hymer Car already reached 207 km /h in the first test drives. This value was achieved primarily through aerodynamic measures such as cladding the underbody or flattening the window panes, slight engine tuning and, above all, the additional power that results in the addition of gas to conventional diesel fuel. With this patented high-tech system, diesel and gas are simultaneously injected into the combustion chamber and burned. During official test drives in Papenburg in spring, the developers even want to reach 230 km /h.


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