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Hybrid vehicle Toyota FT-CH: Toyota presents new clean man

Toyota FT-CH at the Detroit Motor Show 2010
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The name FT-CH is easier to decipher than you might think. At least the second part of the abbreviation, which stands for Compact Hybrid. With the FT-CH wants T oyota is eager to attract customers in the compact class and is targeting young buyers for whom the Prius is a size too big. The FT-CH is intended primarily for city traffic.

The Toyota FT-CH has shorter dimensions than the Toyota Prius

This is also reflected in its dimensions. The new hybrid model is 56 centimeters shorter than the Toyota Prius , but almost as wide. Due to the smaller dimensions and lightweight construction, the consumption should be even lower than with the Prius.

The FT-CH is only the beginning. Toyota plans to bring eight new hybrid vehicles onto the market over the next few years, with the focus being on the North American market. The ambitious goal is one million units per year. Panasonic is to help with the further development of hybrid technology. Panasonic EV Energy (PEVE) is expected to have three different manufacturing facilities with a total capacity of over one million units per year later this year.


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