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Hybrid cars in Germany: cars with two hearts

Hybrid cars in Germany
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A utos have to become more economical, the auto industry agrees on this. There are still different opinions as to which path one wants to take. Hybrid technology has already established itself as ready for the market, and the range of products offered by car manufacturers is growing accordingly. Diesel and gasoline enthusiasts are served. In total, the Federal Motor Transport Authority recorded 12,622 new hybrid car registrations in 2011. As volume models, the Toyota Auris with 4,018 new registrations, the Toyota Prius with 2,027 new registrations and the Lexus CT 200h with 1,525 new registrations have emerged from the statistics. The top ten hybrid cars also include the Honda Jazz (928), the Honda CR-Z (770), the Lexus RX (706), the Audi Q5 (451), the Opel Ampera (241), the Porsche Panamera (202) and the Honda Insight (199).

Hybrid models from 100 to 465 hp

As of the 2012 vintage, hybrid models are available across all segments. In the small car segment, the Toyota Yaris and the Honda Jazz occupy the hybrid niche. Shouldn't it be a compact one? The Toyota Prius, Honda Insight, Lexus CT 200h, and Citroen DS5 are available here. In the middle class, BMW offers the 3 Series as a hybrid and Volvo the V60 as a diesel hybrid, with models like the 5 Series, the Infiniti M, the E-Class, the Audi A6 or the Lexus GS just above this.

And the alternatives are growing even in the upper class. The Audi A8 joins the Lexus LS, the BMW 7 Series and the S-Class from Mercedes. SUV drivers are also comprehensively served. Audi offers the Q5 as a hybrid, Peugeot the 3008, Lexus the RX, Porsche the Cayenne and VW the Touareg.

Hybrid yes, but can it also be sporty? Then the Honda CR-Z or the Porsche Panamera are ideal. The performance spectrum ranges from 100 to 465 hp, the price range from 16,950 to 109,400 euros.

You can find all hybrid models from 2012 in our photo show.


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