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Hungarian GP in Budapest: All information about the Grand Prix

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1 In 986 the unbelievable happened. Formula 1 made its laps in a communist country for the first time. The premiere of the Hungarian GP was a sensation. 380,000 spectators came over three days, 208,000 of them on race Sunday alone. They saw Nelson Piquet win the first race behind the iron curtain.

Since then, the Formula 1 circus has been drawn to the route northeast of Budapest once a year. The Hungarian GP used to be the only Formula 1 race behind the iron process. Accordingly, many East German and Polish racing fans made a pilgrimage to the track. Today, the Finnish flags in particular are in the majority.

Since the home straight was extended by around 200 meters in 2002, Formula 1 cars have reached over 310 km /h before the first corner. Overtaking just got a little easier. You need DRS and fresher tires to get the front man. Or you have to surprise your opponent before the first hairpin. It is the slowest point on the route. In the middle section, fast and slow corners alternate. Before it goes back to the home straight, there are three more slow hairpin bends.

In terms of setup, the Hungarian GP offers many extremes. The grip level is high, as is the brake wear. Above all, downforce is required in the tight corners. Many teams adopt a slightly modified Monaco setup as a starting point.


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