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Hummer not before the end - GM is reviewing offers

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GM had announced the day before that after the Hummer -Sales to China to want to stop the brand. According to the report, the offers now examined come from previous bidders who had previously lost out to the Chinese Tengzhong group. The Swedish GM brand Saab was still on the Dutch sports car maker Spyker was sold while preparations for closure were in progress.

Hummer should be sold for 150 to 200 million dollars

The off-road vehicle brand with the distinctive angular design had recently caused a lot of grief for GM. High fuel prices and the economic crisis caused sales to shrink. In the important home market, GM got rid of just over 9,000 Hummers last year - three years earlier it had been more than 71,000. According to media reports, Tengzhong was still willing to pay between $ 150 million and $ 200 million. The sale should secure 3,000 jobs in the GM plants for a transitional period.

G M and Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co agreed on the takeover in October last year. The Chinese government refused to approve, however, because the fuel-thirsty SUVs would torpedo the goal of reducing pollution. There were also doubts as to whether the buyer had the necessary experience: Tengzhong makes his living in mechanical engineering.


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