HUK Coburg joins Pitstop

HUK Coburg is looking for new business areas and wants to focus more on inspection and car service in the future. Antitrust authorities approve participation in Pitstop.

"We can do car insurance," HUK board member Jörg Rheinländer once told auto motor und sport. Apparently that's not enough anymore. Because the southern German insurer is looking for new tasks and "wants to dedicate itself to the mobility ecosystem more holistically," explains a spokeswoman.

The first steps towards this have long been taken. With HUK Autowelt, the insurer already has a platform for buying and selling used cars on board, offers its customers special tariffs for car service in partner workshops and recently even launched a car subscription that allows customers to cancel monthly at a fixed price for a full -Can book service for the car - including insurance, tax and everything that goes with it in addition to charging and refueling.

Three times as many service partners

With the latest step, they want to further expand the topic of car service and "close blind spots". Since 2016, HUK has been providing workshop services such as inspections, general inspections and emissions tests and wheel changes to car insurance customers. So far with 150 partner workshops. This number is now set to increase to 450 with the entry into the workshop chain Pitstop. The European Commission has now also given antitrust approval for this. According to HUK, around 36,000 customers used the car service in 2021. In total, HUK insured more than 13.4 million vehicles.

Workshop commitment not with Pitstop

For the approximately five million insurance customers with a tariff with workshop commitment, this does not change anything, emphasizes Thomas Geck, Head of Claims Process Management at HUK-COBURG and in this function responsible for the partner workshop network. "We continue to make a clear distinction between the controlled repair of accident damage on the one hand and maintenance and servicing on the other. "

Anyone who has a corresponding insurance tariff with a workshop commitment will be referred to one of the 1,600 mostly free workshops that are part of the network of the HUK. The Pitstop branches are left out here, according to a spokeswoman on request. Last year, more than half of the new customers had a tariff with a factory contract for comprehensive insurance.

You can find out what you need to consider when planning a change of insurance in the picture gallery above.


HUK Coburg is positioning itself more broadly and wants to focus more on the entire mobility ecosystem in the future. However, insurance customers with a workshop loyalty tariff do not have to expect their vehicle to have to be repaired at the Pitstop workshop chain in the event of damage.


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