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Huansu X series C60: Urus and Cayenne copy

Huansu via Chinacarnews
Huansu X-Series C60
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D he narrow headlights of the Huansu in combination with the high front apron already show strong ties to the Lambo SUV. The rear, however, could also come from Porsche. Narrow lights, a flat pane and a large roof spoiler and a diffuser bring back memories of the Cayenne.

Urus costs 400,000 euros more than the Huansu X

Huansu, which translates as 'magical speed' a brand of Beijing Auto Industries and primarily builds compact SUVs. Daimler and Hyundai are also linked to BAIC in joint ventures. The new X-series is based on an existing BAIC platform and has a wheelbase of 2,815 millimeters and is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine with 195 hp.

The SUV will be available at the beginning of June 2018 in China in trade. The price starts at around 100,000 yuan (13,400 euros) for the five-seater and goes up to 150,000 yuan (20,100 euros) for a seven-seater. The new SUV series is primarily aimed at buyers who do not live in the mega-metropolises of China. For comparison: The 650 hp Lamborghini Urus with V8 costs the equivalent of 418,000 euros in China.


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