H&R sport springs for the new BMW Z4

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D Even now you are back to the roots at BMW and the tightly cut cloth cap of the Z4 shows not only class, but also elegance. And since summer is just around the corner, the H&R suspension engineers quickly put on a set of sport springs that put the finishing touches on the two-seater. Sporty deep, with a center of gravity 35 millimeters lower (Z4 M40 25 millimeters), it now goes around the corner with jaggedness, the rolling movements in fast corners are reduced, and at the same time the Z4 steers even more directly. In conjunction with driving comfort that is still suitable for long journeys, driving fun is guaranteed.

With the H&R TRAK + wheel spacers available soon, the inclined Z4 driver can achieve further optimization. Available in different widths, the wheel spacers can be used to align standard and retrofit wheels with millimeter precision on the fender edges.

As usual with H&R, all components have the necessary parts certificate and are 100 percent Made in Germany!

H&R suspension components for the BMW Z4

BMW Z4 M40i, 2WD, type G4Z (G29), only with adaptive damping
sport springs
Article no .: 28664-1
Lowering: VA /HA approx. 25 mm
Price (RRP): 332.00 Euro

BMW Z4 sDrive20i + 30i, 2WD, type G4Z (G29), only with adaptive damping
Sport springs
Article no .: 28664-1
Lowering: VA /HA approx . 35 mm
Price (RRP): 332.00 Euro

H&R TRAK + wheel spacers
In preparation



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