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HPP Plymouth Superbird based on Dodge Challenger: US tuner resurrects the Plymouth

Heide Performance Products
HPP Plymouth Superbird based on Dodge Challenger
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T he best ideas often arise then when unconventional minds meet for a brainstorming session. The latest example is the HPP Plymouth Superbird, which US car specialist Heide Performance Products (HPP) is putting on wheels based on the current Dodge Challenger.

At the beginning of 2009, during a meeting with those in charge of the US tuning specialist Mopar, the idea of ​​bringing one of the most legendary Chrysler models of the past to life was born.

Debut as a concept car at SEMA

We're talking about the Dodge Daytona, which was closely related to the Plymouth Superbird. The latter made its debut in 1970 as an offshoot of a NASCAR racer and is still considered the epitome of the American muscle car.

The idea matured quickly and HPP presented the Dodge Daytona as a concept car at SEMA 2009. The basis was the current Dodge Challenger, which had to endure more than 50 changes, some of which were significant.

With up to 600 supercharged horsepower

HPP is now presenting the HPP Plymouth Superbird the production-ready version of the old, new muscle car. Anyone who owns a current Dodge Challenger can either afford the complete body kit plus a performance upgrade at a price of 41,461 US dollars (31,913 euros) or, alternatively, just take the aerodynamics package for 12,619 euros. This includes the newly designed front with pop-up headlights, an aluminum hood and the unmistakable rear wing. In addition, there are 20-inch wheels, modified taillights as well as a redesigned dashboard and a new gear lever.

For the smaller budget, HPP offers the bonnet (from 1,840 euros), the aerodynamic attachments (from 1,917 euros) , painted trim parts for the interior (346 euros) and the hand-sewn seats (2,078 euros) also individually.

In addition to the optical tuning, HPP is equipping the 6.1-liter Hemi-V8 of the Dodge Challenger with three superchargers -Performance kits that cost at least 5,503 euros. After the power cure, the rear wheels of the HPP Plymouth Superbird have a maximum of around 600 hp. Adjustable shock absorbers should optimize the road holding of the converted Dodge Challenger at a price of at least 1,559 euros. Friends of the good sound get their money's worth with the Magnaflow exhaust system. However, their tailpipes do not adorn the rear of the HPP Plymouth Superbird, but step to the sideunder the sills (1,124 euros).

Here the unconventional minds deviated a little from the original model as part of the brainstorming and once again put their own idea into practice.


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