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HPerformance Audi TT RS & # 34; Black Hawk & # 34; with 750 hp

Jordi Miranda
HPerformance Audi TT RS 'Black Hawk' with 750 PS
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B itte quickly introduce: an Audi TT RS that has more than twice as much power as the factory. If the maximum 360 PS strong TT RS Plus of the 8J series presses the driver mercilessly into the sports seats, how nice should that feel with more than 700 PS?

The tuner HPerformance from Osterburken in Neckar-Odenwald -Kreis built a TT RS that is supposed to send 750 hp to all four wheels. The maximum torque rises to a brutal 880 Nm.

HPerformance Audi TT RS with new turbocharger

Without a new turbocharger, this crazy performance would not have been possible. So HPerformance screwed the new GTX-35 turbocharger onto a new exhaust manifold. The compressed air is cooled by a Clubsport charge air cooler with 90 millimeter intake pipes.

Jordi Miranda
A new turbocharger is the heart of the powerful increase in performance.

In combination with of a new exhaust system, the sound should be reminiscent of the good old Group B days, when the Audi Sport quattro S1 still stormed the rally courses around the world.

In addition, HPerformance replaces the high-pressure pump that is used to provide the Fuel is responsible, thanks to a more powerful model with a higher throughput. The clutch has also been adapted to the increased power: It is now made of sintered metal.

Ceramic brake from the Audi R8

In total, the conversion of the Audi TT RS of the 8J series costs a hefty 50,000 euros.If you look at the current used car prices, which are around 35,000 euros, that makes around 85,000 euros for 750 hp. Not a bad offer when you thank Porsche for not even getting a basic Carrera for it.

The tuning kit is also available as a kit for hobbyists and mechanics. If you don't want the full 750 hp, HPerformance also offers tuning to 600 hp. That then costs just under 10,000 euros.


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