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Hongqi LS5 (P504) seat rehearsal in Shanghai: State SUV

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Sitting sample Hongqi LS5 (P504) in Shanghai
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H ongqi ventures into the segment mighty SUV and presents in Shanghai with the LS5 a model of the 5.20 meter class, which visually represents a mixture of Range Rover and Jeep without foregoing the red flag as a brand symbol on the bonnet.

Is there a ladder?

If you want to take a short break in the trunk after a long day at the trade fair, you automatically look for a ladder to get up there at all. Small is different, as the scales show: Trumm weighs 2,850 kilos. Climbing skills are also required when entering the interior.

This represents a little taste challenge for Western Europeans: a black, red, orange-colored plastic mixture in the area of ​​the dashboard and in the steering wheel takes at least a lot of getting used to. The Chinese are not afraid: They immediately took the V8 off-road vehicle to their hearts. Sales will start here in autumn.


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