Honda NSX Type R: Hot track version

Honda NSX Type R
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A uf the two electric motors that are used in the series NSX act on the front axle should be dispensed with with the Type-R. At the same time, the battery pack is no longer necessary, which means that the sports car has been reduced in weight by a few hundred kilos. The rear electric motor between the engine and gearbox should be retained and function as a starter and generator. The hybrid drive train alone should weigh 150 kilograms.

The new Honda NSX currently weighs 1,750 kg and is powered by a 3.5-liter V6 mid-engine and two electric motors at the front. The system output is 573 hp.

In an interview with the British newspaper Autocar, Nick Robinson, Head of Dynamic Development at Honda, stated that the Honda NSX Type-R project has not yet received the green light, but it has Auto show great interest at Honda. At the next Pikes Peak Hill Climb, one of two factory-supported rear-wheel drive NSX athletes will also compete. In addition, a Type-R could be equipped with active aerodynamic elements that were already installed on various prototypes during NSX development. Robinson also sees an open version of the NSX as a logical step for Honda.

The civil version of the Honda NSX can be ordered in Europe from 2016, more precisely from April at prices from 180,000 euros. The delivery will take place in autumn 2016.



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