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Honda NSX (2019): data info, market launch, price

Honda NSX (2019)
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U m making the Honda NSX even more attractive for the 2019 model year make, his driving dynamics have been sharpened. Modifications to the Honda NSX include stiffer anti-roll bars on both axles - by 26% at the front and 19% at the rear. New wishbone bushes should also contribute to greater rigidity and thus improve the responsiveness of the chassis.

The wheel suspensions and steering have been re-tuned to the changed framework conditions. The control software for the hybrid drive unit, the electric power steering, the electronic stability program and the active dampers have also been recalibrated. In the softest setting, they should now offer particularly comfortable driving behavior, while in the tautest setting they should support driving at higher speeds and driving on the racetrack. The new series tires specially developed for the NSX are called the Continental SportContact 6 High-Performance. With all chassis modifications, the NSX should be able to circle the Suzuka racetrack two seconds faster than before.

New color options for the NSX

In addition, the revision of the NSX for model year 2019 also includes the exterior design . Orange brake calipers are available for the optional carbon-ceramic brake discs to match the new pearl-effect thermal paint finish in orange. The chrome surface of the upper grille surround now adapts to the color of the body, while the grille inserts in the front and rear shock absorbers have a glossy black surface.

In the interior, depending on the equipment variant, customers can now also completely choose red leather for the seats. The leather /Alcantara combination is now also available in Indigo Blue.

Production of the Honda NSX 2019 will start in August 2018, with the first deliveries to customers planned for the end of the year. Orders are accepted immediately. Prices have not yet been announced.


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